No Matter Where We Go, There We Are

My working hypothesis is that there is no individual escape from our conditions. We are all bound together. We are society. The path forward as far as I can tell is through relationships. What sticks us up is, we are the ones relating in these ways out of which society is created.

When we change the ways we relate, then the change happens. When I change the ways I relate, that is one seed that expands out to you. When you change the ways you relate, that expands again, and we begin forming a network.

The key is, we have to relate to each other not as if we are in this society and want to change over to another one. We have to relate to each other as if we already are in the society we want to be in.

And it is not the material form of that society that matters, but the quality of our relationships. The material form of the society we live in now is the expression of our current modes of relating. We change that material form via changing our way of relating. Not the stuff we relate about, but the way we relate.

If we just change what we relate about, for example, starting a hippie commune instead of living in the city, we end up creating basically the same thing we just left, with all the same problems.

What do they say? No matter where you go, there you are. No matter where we go, there we are.